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With Ballet lessons, Hip Hop dance classes, Tap, Musical Theatre and more, we have something for everyone here at Come One Dance Academy in Watford



At Come One Dance Academy we provide a wide-ranging variety of classes. Each class carefully put together to provide the best training possible for the students, delivered by teachers who are exceptionally experienced in their chosen genre.


We have our own individual grading and progression process taken from prestigious dance and musical theatre colleges, as this has proven most effective and does not restrict the students' growth.


This also involves our end of year show, which is assessment based, whereby each student is graded with a breakdown of performance, technique and ability (grading is optional).

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Ballet Dancers


Our timetable has been created with a keen eye on producing well-rounded professional performers and dancers for the current industry. We encourage diversity in artistry such as Commercial, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Ballet. What's more, we employ a variety of disciplines and techniques, including Ballet taught by a Russian Ballet trained teacher as well as offering RAD Ballet examination syllabus, we also encourage the RADAR Technique which is proven to be the best technique for dancers globally, and on top of all this, we offer Musical Theatre taught straight from the West End! Levels/groups are based on ability first and foremost, so please email us if you have any questions or would like more information regarding class content!


Your First Class Is FREE!

Please note your first class is FREE to ensure it is right for you! We also offer fitness classes for adults too! Should you have any questions regarding the timetable or any class content, please feel free to contact us.

Preparing performers for their future and building confidence form part of Come One Dance Academy’s core objectives. Unlike other Watford dance and theatre schools, opportunities to perform at one of the school's regular theatre productions is available to every pupil, regardless of age or experience.

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Taking up Ballet lessons and Musical Theatre classes can be a hugely rewarding experience. Call the school on 01923 465867