A wide-ranging variety of classes are taught at Come One Dance Academy. The classes have been carefully designed to appeal to all ages and standard, while maintaining a keen eye on producing well-rounded professional performers for modern theatre. The classes feature a variety of disciplines and techniques.



Ballet is the basis for all modern dance, Come One Dance Academy teaches Russian technique as it does not rely on set work, and produces dancers who are more versatile and more able to think on their feet. The Russian technique teaches students to be comfortable with their bodies, while recognising their strengths and limitations. The more advanced grades/classes will also include Pointe work.


We work on the Graham and Cunningham basic technique with an emphasis on the exploration of movement and creative dance. We will also venture into all different style and techniques of contemporary, looking at both the technical side as well as creativity through choreographers and repertoire from lyrical through to contemporary fusion.

(ages 2-4)

A basic ballet technique as well as an emphasis on music, movement, creativity. This is a class that builds on a child's key motor skills.

[ages 3-5]

Basic jazz and street dance as well as an exploration of music and movement.


Jazz is adds crucial elements to dance technique alongside Ballet. We use the Rebecca Davies method to ensure well-rounded dancers are ready for the industry's current demands. Working on flexibility, strength, precision, tricks, jumps, turns, leaps, performance etc.

Street TAP

American style tap, isolating the tones and creating a percussive story with rises and falls. Based on the styles of Stomp and Tag dogs.


Understanding the use of performance through body language, this includes mime, acting and physical theatre. We also work on projection, RP and singing. Often intertwining the two, building confidence and all together a stronger performance.


Developing skills for one of the most popular genre’s in the industry currently, commercial refers to dancing done in concerts, live shows, music videos, movies, industrials and obviously commercials.


This is a genre primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States.


Gymnastic skills and acrobatic tricks for dancers aiming to improve flexibility, strength and tricks/skills.


This is our Elite competition/performance team, they earned their place on the team and receive chances to perform at large scale events & venues such as Move It, Disney, Watford Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Theatre and Her Majesty’s Theatre. This is invite only.

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