Come One Dance Academy formerly known as Gypsy Booth School of Performing Arts has over 50 years’ experience in bringing the best out of young dance and drama pupils in the Watford area. This experience has helped the school to become a nationally established and recognised name in theatre arts.

With strong links to world famous ballet academies and performing arts/dance schools, Come One Dance Academy can provide the perfect start for young performers who want to perfect a much-loved hobby, or dream of turning it into a career.

Founded by Gypsy Booth in 1965, the school was created following Gypsy’s career in the professional theatre, where she worked as a dancer, choreographer and actress. It was then Tamara Vile who began to steer the ship in around 2001 to introduce the modern age using inventive choreography, with the help of Claire Sharp and Connie Jackson until 2018 Gypsy Booth School of Performing Arts was rebranded and built its presence across social media. They continued to grow the school encouraging opportunities and traditions such as performing at Disney Land Paris. In 2018 Sophie Martin a former student of the school became principal & owner, allowing the Directors to develop their families and professional careers. This was the best decision for the school as someone whose family has grown up so involved in the progression throughout the previous 22 years, the school naturally blossomed into the current day and the dance family within it grew stronger. The school was renamed in 2019 to Come One Dance Academy, this was to fall in line with our ethos as we work as a team to develop, strengthen and flourish. We become one in order to reach our maximum progression and encourage each other to grow, here at Come One Dance Academy we prepare children and young adults for their future, developing motor skills, building confidence, and helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every member of our dance family, regardless of age and experience, will get the opportunity to perform in one or more of the school's regular theatre productions and team activitys/outings.